Other Features

  • Help facility
  • PDF Support
  • Archive System
  • Integrates with Windows Packages
  • Post Code integration
  • Flexible report facilities
  • Comprehensive databases
Comprehensive Help facility

Excellent on line help facility with full and comprehensive help files. We also prvide to release notes with every software update explaining in full detail all changes.

Archive System

Never throw away information, simply archive old records so your system housekeeping is upto date and archived records can easily be retrieved.
Integrates with other Windows Packages

Smooth integration with Microsoft Office allows for quick production of tenancy agreements and other documents, stored automatically for later reprint or referral.

Post Code Module

Additional post code module allows for faster and error free input of the address from Post code.
Flexible report facilities

All database reports options come with build in flexibility, no need to become an expert report writer, simple selections to filer contents and layout of each report.

PDF Support

Licensed PDF creator included, which means you can create PDFs of any report or Email any document in PDF format.